How Do Managers Enforce Ethics

How do managers enforce ethics Education has changed immensely over the years This especially came to the forefront with the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act on January 2, 2002. The NCLB has a notable and honorable goal; to improve the quality of the American educational system by establishing high standards and accountability for the learning of all children. Prior to the NCLB Act, the state government oversaw the effectiveness of their schools, including parental involvement, yearly progress and teacher quality, but the guidelines became the job of the Federal Government with the passing of the No Child Left Behind Act.
Ocean View School district considers that maintaining and enforcing ethics in the school system a number one priority. Everyone knows that children??™s minds are like sponges they absorb everything that they see and do. By having a school that upholds the highest moral and ethical behaviors from every employee as well as board members we are showing not only the students and faculty but the community as well. The Ocean View School District will not tolerate any unethical or any unmoral behavior on the parts of the students, faculty, management and or the board members. Ocean View School District??™s codes of ethics are strictly enforced. The code of ethics that the Ocean View School district has implemented were not created to hinder our teachers but rather to give them a guideline to work with.
According to the Association of American Educators ???we believe all educators are obligated to help foster civic virtues such as integrity, diligence, responsibility, cooperation, loyalty, fidelity, and respect-for the law, for human life, for others, and for self.???How are ethics enforced by the organization How is unethical behavior dealt with The students as well as faculty, staff, and board members will learn through their own code of ethics that their moral and ethical behaviors as well have consequences. At the beginning of the school year all students and faculty throughout the Ocean View school district will copy of the student??™s rights and responsibilities as well as the school??™s code of ethics. To get the parents on board, ocean View school district has implemented a policy where on the first day of school the student??™s rights and responsibilities form is sent home and the parent and or parent and child in the high schools both sign this form. This will notify both the students, parents, and the teachers that plagiarism for example will not be tolerated at all in the school district.. Teachers are reminded that they are looked up to by the children as role models.
The Ocean View School district will enforce their code of ethics. Each employee as well as board member and elected official will be held to the upmost integrity. Ocean View School district knows that there are times where moral and ethical issues come into play. Instead of just sweeping these issues under the rug, Ocean View will take every situation seriously. For example, harassment of any type will not be tolerated. If a student or teacher files a complaint that he or she is being harassed an immediate investigation will begin. If it is found that a teacher is committing an unethical behavior for example drinking on school property , this teacher will be spoken to and proper action will be implemented. In his book, Faith That Works, Larry Ruddell says that, the first step in solving an ethical problem at the workplace is to realize that an ethical standard has been violated. This means that executives and managers must be constantly aware of what is going on within the organization and cannot ignore a violation in company policy regardless of who committed it. The following seven steps will be followed at the Ocean View School District in regards to enforcing ethics and dealing with unethical behavior. The first step in solving an ethical problem at the workplace is to realize that an ethical standard has been violated . The second step is to identify all of those who have been affected by the ethical violation, the third step . is to interview each participant to gather relevant information regarding the ethical violation. The fourth is to analyze the data, the fifth is to make a decision that goes along with the preset ethical standards and policies. the fifth is that once a decision. the sixth is once a decision has been made it must be implemented and finally. in solving an ethical problem is to discuss the lessons learned from the ordeal. The most profitable result of a policy violation is to use it to improve the ethics program and make the organization stronger.