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Construction in the EnvironmentIssue:
SubmissionWigan and Leigh College is proposing 600 Eco homes at Bickershaw Colliery. I have been employed, by the client as an Environment consultant, as part of my role I have been asked to include sustainable construction techniques and carry out the following tasks related to the above project.Task One (P6)Select and describe a fit for purpose sustainable construction technique for each of the following issues: energy , materials and waste.Sustainable energy??¦.The modern day home is a multitude of expansive CO2 emitters, when mentioning CO2 some people have a tendency to think cars and exhaust fumes whilst over looking the other major emitter, our homes.Due to the ever rising concern of global pollution it has been legislated on all industry??™s not only the construction industry with the aim to mitigate or minimise carbon foot prints and it effects on the environment.Energy consumption in homes has many purposes such as keeping us warm in the winter and cool in the summer, cooking, cleaning and providing light.
There are downsides to the use of energy which can overall effect our environment. It may not be as clear but every time we switch on a light or run a bath we are consuming energy.
It is also important that we all realize the implications of our energy use. Not only can it have an adverse effect on the environment but it also costs us money!!Primarily a change in our behaviour towards energy use can in expense but others changes require investment that will pay for themselves later along the line through lower energy bills such as Solar Power.What is solar power
Solar power is energy given from the sun??™s rays. Even down to a tiny percentage of sunlight hitting earth this is sufficient enough energy and power for the entire human populations requirements. Solar power can be used in the following ways/
??? Solar cells also known as photoelectric cells are the most common devices that turn sunlight into electricity.
??? Solar water heaters which is basically; heat from the sun is used to heat water through glass panels which are installed on roofs, known as solar collectors. Solar collectors deal with heat from the sun (solar thermal energy) as opposed to light.
What are the benefits of Solar Power
Solar power is an ideal energy source as it is completely free and inexhaustible
The usage process exhausts no waste whatsoever.
It can be used in remote areas which are set away from other fuel resource
Each panel can be configured for its design usage whether that be; to power a calculator or heating temperature elements in our homes.
Is Solar Power cost effectiveWith the responsibility of everyone to produce sustainable energy source the government has introduced solar heating Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme??™s (RHI??™s) which pay back 18p per k/w of solar energy produced as well as reducing utility bills because there is no need to have any other energy sources. Solar panels used for solar power is like converting a car which runs on fossil fuels to a hybrid running on LPG. After the initial investment your home will run efficiently and cheaply for the next 30 years.
Sustainable material??¦??¦
[pic]Whilst construction techniques have developed in recent years so have the materials we use . Materials are the very component of a building which also has detrimental effects on the C02 output of the building during construction and during its life cycle.What is HempcreteHempcrete created by manufacturer Lime Technology is considered one of the most advanced material when constructing a Carbon zero home or building. Hempcrete is as an eco-friendly alternative to concrete.
Hempcrete is a generic term for a hemp-based building material that can be used in place of concrete as well as other beneficial building products. More concrete is made each year than any other man-made material It??™s second only to water as the most consumed substance on the entire planet!! It??™s been reported that each year, more than one ton of concrete is produced for each person on earth!
What is Hempcrete made from
Hemp is a versatile, natural fiber from a plant. Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in the world!! and it has been cultivated and processed for a wide variety of uses. In fact, the earliest known woven fabric was made of hemp over 10,000 years ago. It consists of a mixture of hemp, lime, sand, plaster, and cement, and can be used in the same way as concrete.
In recent years, hemp has gained a reputation as an environmentally friendly alternative to many other fibers. For example, hemp clothing and accessories are becoming popular alternatives to cotton or polyester.
Hemp is extremely environmentally friendly as it contains so many environmental benefits.
For starters, hemp can be grown in most climates, without pesticides, and uses very little water. Also, hemp products are 100% biodegradable.
What other materials are made from Hemp
Being a multipurpose material with excellent properties hemp can be manufactured into a wide variety of building needs. Hemp can be used in a wide range of areas including textiles (eg, clothing, bags), industrial textiles (eg, ropes, nets), food (eg, oils), body care products (eg, soap, shampoo), and building materials (eg, fiberboard, hempcrete).Sustainable Waste technique??¦.It is not only important to build a sustainable home with the most enhanced materials but It also important to control the quantity of waste going to land fill.This can be achieved by introducing waste management plans WMP??™s on site??™s and at your workplace. Provisioned by legislation this plan is set up to minimise waste going to landfill and producing more waste material. A waste management plan is policed on sites to ensure that all waste created by trades on site are segregated to their relevant waste stream for example general plasterboard waste can be recycled to produce more plasterboard providing it is kept pure whilst disposing (i.e not mixed with other material), brick and block waste from demolishing projects are crushed and used as foundation aggregate on other sites.Waste management plans are normally introduced onto projects with over a contract value of ?300,000. WMP??™s are not only good for the planet but as each material waste is designed to follow its own waste stream it also is cheaper in the long run.It is not only important to control waste management during construction on site but it is also important to implement good waste practice during the pre-construction phase.Waste does not only apply to materials but also energy. A drop in energy is a drop in human comfort for example if the temperature in our homes was to drop by 25% in the winter then we would feel un comftable. This is why its is important to design and construct a energy effiecient building . Normally legislated the walls must be sufficiently insulated and air tests carried out.The envelope of a building is electronically tested for air tightness, which deems how thermally sound a building is.Practises and guidlines such as this are created to produce zero energy wastage.[pic]