General Information:|Programme Title & Level: |Construction and the Built Environment ??“ Level 4 |
|Unit Number and Title: |Unit 28: IT Applications for Construction |Unit |Y/601/1292 |
| | |Code: | |
|Assessment |Assignment No. 2 |
|Title: | |
|Handout |23rd Feb 12 |Submission Date: |15th March 12 |
|Date: | | | |
|Learning Outcomes: |LO3 |Assessment Criteria: |3.1, 3.2, 3.3 & 3.4 |Assessment Tasks[Input required tasks, ensuring that the appropriate assessment criteria are indicated]Tasks 1. From the information obtained in other assignment work (Project) produce a complex document to meet the criteria set out in Learning Outcome No. 3.
Outcomes and Grading|To obtain an interim PASS grade you must met the following assessment criteria: |
|3.1 |Produce programmed workbooks to facilitate the input of various input parameters for differing scenarios |
|3.2 |Enter new input data to programmed spreadsheets to determine results for new scenarios |
|3.3 |Use relevant formula, functions and tools to produce input data for differing scenarios |
|3.4 |Present data illustrating results from the analysis of input data |
|To obtain an interim MERIT grade you must also achieve the following grade descriptors: |
| |An effect approach and planning has enabled you to submit your work on time to meet the set agenda. |
|M1 | |
| |The presentation and layout style is appropriate in terms of its structure and approach for your presentation. You have used |
|M2 |appropriate technical language throughout your document. |
| |With the information and data collected in your research you have been able to synthesis and process this into a clear and |
|M3 |presentable form. A range of resources have been effectively used throughout the assignment including: – Internet, textbooks, |
| |journal articles, personal opinions etc. References have been included where appropriate using the Harvard system. ||To obtain an interim DISTINCTION grade you must also achieve the following grade descriptors: |
| |Relevant conclusions relating to the benefits of commercial software have been arrived at through content of information and data |
|D1 |received. |
| |All activities within this assignment have been managed effectively and this includes time management to ensure work is submitted |
|D2 |on time. There is evidence of self evaluation. |
| |Innovation and creative thought have taken place within your report and presentation of it. You have been able to reflect upon |
|D3 |peer feedback and build this effectively into your self evaluation. |