How Does Charlotte Bronte Show Hardship in Her Portrayal of Childhood

How does Charlotte Bronte show hardship in her portrayal of childhood Charlotte Bronte shows hardship in her portrayal of childhood through the characters, the dialogue and description. We learn that life in Victorian England is hard. ???John Reed was a school boy of fourteen years old??™. He was a fat boy with ???unwholesome skin??™, ???thick lineaments??™ and heavy limbs. This shows that John Reed was a very unhealthy child, who would probably stuff his face at the table like a pig which gave him ???bleared eyes??™ and ???flabby cheeks??™. He was a selfish individual who disliked Jane and believed she did not belong in the Read family. However Eliza was strong and brave, ???who was headstrong and selfish??™ she would have been well respect as she was the daughter of the rich Miss Reed. Georgiana had a very bad temper and an attitude problem. She had ???a spoiled temper, a very acrid spite, a captious and insolent carriage??™. Georgiana was very pretty girl her beauty, her pink cheeks and golden curls, seemed to give delight to all who looked at her and to purchase indemnity for every fault. Bronte has made Jane look so innocent and sweet, but Mrs. Reed is not accepting it. Mrs. Reed treats Jane completely different from her own children. She singles Jane out and makes her suffer by not welcoming her into the family in a good way. For example when Mrs. Reed ???lay reclined on a sofa by the fireside, and with her darlings about her??™, Jane had been had been ???dispensed from joining the group??™. This shows Mrs. Reed does not want to mix with Jane and has no interest in her. Janes cousin John is the member of the Reed family that physically holds power over her. ???He bullied and punished me: not two or three times in the week, nor once or twice in the day, but continually: every nerve I had feared him??™ … Up until Janes fight with John, she was expected to remain silent until she could ???speak pleasantly,??™ she also took all of her abuse without reply. Throughout Johns bullying, Janes, “care was how to endure the blow which would certainly follow the insult.” She realizes that reacting will do her no good and that Miss. Abbot was not the nicest of servants; towards Jane she showed no respect. ???Mrs. Abbot stood with folded arms, looking darkly and doubtfully on my face, as incredulous of my sanity. This shows that Miss. Abbot has no trust in Jane and is disgusted by what she has apparently done. This outlines that Miss. Abbot only cares what is said by Mrs. Read and the children she gives no second thought to Jane and her side of the story. Miss. Abbot wants Jane to suffer and be punished for what was called an attack to master Reed. ???God will punish her??™, Miss. Abbot mainly wants Jane to suffer because she is not part of the reed family and she wants the reed family to get revenge. Mrs. Abbot knows if she is not on the side of the Reed family she would be kicked out of the Reed family. On the other hand Miss. Abbot was also vey aggressive towards Jane as she was taken to the red room. ???Turned to divest a stout leg of the necessary ligature??™. The quote shows that miss abbot is trying to tie Jane up so she could not escape; she is being aggressive and causing Jane considerable amount of pain because Jane is resisting sitting still and demands not to be in the red room, but miss. Bessie does not treat Jane in the manner she would treat the reed children in, with the reed children she would pamper them care and love for them. With Jane she threatens her ???if you don??™t sit still, you must be tied down??™. This is giving the image that Bessie does not show much love to Jane and that she does not care if she is hurt physically or emotionally. However Bessie is not always threatening and angry at Jane, she does have a soft side and care for her. ???I daren??™t for my life be alone with that poor child to-night; she might die??™. Bessie is really worried for Jane she is hoping she stays alive, if not she does not want her to die without anyone near her side. Bessie thinks Jane is the evilest member of the Read family and deserves to be locked away and die. ???Say your prayers, Miss Eyre, when you are by yourself??™. This shows that whatever Jane does bad she will be locked away and made to pay for it. She would be left alone and made to think about what she has done but really when she has not done anything, she is threatened by Bessie that ???something bad might be permitted to come down the chimney, and fetch you away??™. Bessie is trying to make Jane scared and worried so she can suffer. Mr. Lloyd was an apothecary, who came to see Jane after her traumatic experience of the red room. Jane was excited that someone came to see her, not ???an individual not belonging to Gateshead, and not related to Mrs. Reed??™. The quote shows that it made Jane Eyre happy because it showed Mrs. Reed cared a bit for Jane as she bought the apothecary into see her. As Mr. Lloyd ???closed the door behind him, all the room darkened and my heart again sank: inexpressible sadness weighed it down??™. This shows that as Mr. Lloyd came into the room he made it warm and welcome to be in but as he left it went dull and dark, because Jane knew she would just be seeing the faces of the Reed family and servants again.Bronte uses different setting in order to show what the characters are feeling. The setting is often a reflection of human emotion. For example when Jane is looking at Mrs. Reed and her children around the fire she is feeling emotion because she has been???dispensed from joining the group??™.The setting plays a vital role in the novel.?  It is a reflection of the emotions the character express.?  The setting can show happiness or despair depending on how the character feels at the moment. The setting is also used as foreshadowing.?  Little things that happen prefigure whats going to happen soon.?  The setting helps the reader to understand what is happening and what is going to happen.?  Jane is unfairly locked in the Red Room by her Aunt Reed as a punishment for speaking back to John. The room is intimidating in itself: ???a bed supported on massive pillars of mahogany, hung with curtains of deep red damask, stood out like a tabernacle in the centre; the two large windows, with their blinds always drawn down, were half shrouded??™, but it is the history of the room that proves so alarming to an imaginative girl like Jane: ???Mr. Reed had been dead nine years: it was in this chamber he breathed his last; here he lay in state; hence his coffin was last touched by the undertaker??™s men
The darkness of the room is imaged by ghostly shapes: ???out of these deep surrounding shades rose high, and glared white, the piled-up mattresses and pillows of the bed, spread with a snowy Marseilles counterpane??™, and it is not long before Jane works herself into a state of anxiety. She begins to think about her dead uncle, and when she sees a light cross the wall and ceiling of the room, she ???thought the swift darting beam was a herald of some coming vision from another world??™.
Jane greets this new stage of her life with excitement, as it represents an escape from the Reed family where she has suffered such unhappiness. For a poor and friendless girl like herself, life offers few possibilities: ???if I had anywhere else to go, I should be glad to leave it; but I can never get away from Gateshead till I am a woman??™. Mrs Reed, is in her haste to get rid of the responsibility of Jane a child she so dislikes, unwittingly Mrs Reed hands Jane a priceless asset for the Victorian woman: an education Jane soon finds that the conditions at Lowood are unforgiving. The school is run by a Mr Brocklehurst, who believes that the lower class girls are unworthy of any kind of generous treatment: ???it was bitter cold, and I dressed as well as I could for shivering, and washed when there was a basin at liberty, which did not occur soon, as there was but one basin to six girls, on the stands down the middle of the room??? In conclusion, Jane Eyre has always been true to herself throughout her life she did not let any of the reed family or the servants put her down. She endured some hard times for example she found it hard to mix with the Reed family around the fire and being chucked in the red room. But she was brave enough and overcame these problems.


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How Does Decentralisation Affect the Delivery of Economic Development

How does decentralisation affect the delivery of economic development * Read the Sundar paper. Glance over the other papers. Ramos paper slightly unrelated but very good for the paper as a whole.
* how to define decentralisation ??“
* sundar definition/world bank ??“ transfer of decision making ability and responsibility for those decisions. E.g. committee set up which decides how best to manage the forest. And some penalty if not properly managed. Risk transfer. Political ??“ transfer of decision making.
* Financial decentralisation ??“ selling off of SOEs.
* Ukraine blair ??“ selling SOEs ??“ if owned majorly by large Multi-national corporation, effect the same, power retained one major.
* Define economic development ??“
* GDP growth
* Cf Human development ??“ perhaps expand definition of economic development
* The improvement in the ability of all people to meet their economic needs ??“ thus links with health, education, inequality.
* Readings:
* Sundar ??“ looks at the management of forests in one particular region in India. Degradation ??“ local communities given decision making power over forest. Incentive to look after the forest ??“ ???their forest??™, increased political participation, good in own right but can also be more efficient than if central. Reduces free rider effect, and lack of localised information. Good in a perfect scenario but in reality power went to the local elite which exploited the forests for their own gains ??“ not good environmentally or for the users of the forest. Policy didn??™t work because not enough focus on synergies between local people and gov. Sundar introduced interesting concept of social capital, stimulates economic development. It integrates different groups of the community. Networks intangible but element of trust but also enforcing, if don??™t fulfil something family will turn their back. Prisoner dilemma issues. Putman and critique by Ben Fine. For and against social capital. Often decentralisation said to have failed because of lack of social capital. Ability to share resources and benefit from economies of scale. Cf Cambridge college. Article stresses that not enough linking social capital between decision makers and people at the bottom. In order for decentralisation to work need to restructure power distribution. Educational institutions have facilitated linking social capital to an extent but still exclusion.
* Blair article ??“ argued that increasing participation on local government. See diagram with triangles.
* How do you ensure full participation ??“ need impartial ??“ involve community but perhaps not devolve all power. Need central government.
* This module is about how to address the issue of poverty. How does decentralisation affect the delivery of economic development
* Define decentralisation and economic development.
* How are they inter linked.
* How can decentralisation improve economic development
* How can it limit economic development
* What are the mechanisms that need to be in place in order for a policy of decentralisation to be effective.
* Examples

Consultation in Primary Care

During my primary care visit, I came across a consultation with a middle age lady who is having a prolonged nickel intolerance problem. I found that her case is quite interesting as there are many important and remarkable issues arising during the consultation.
The lady is diagnosed with nickel intolerance in late 1990s after she had a sterilization surgery. After the surgery, she was having bad complication of gall stone and spleen problem. She also was feeling extremely tired and weak. Then, she suspected something was not fine and after a few test, she found that she is actually having nickel intolerance and need to undergo another operation to remove the sterilization clip which is made from nickel. Prior to the incident, her nickel intolerance problem starts to get worse. She underwent another surgery to remove nickel trace from her teeth and her body. Lately, she is complaining about her painful liver.
I learned new things about taking patient history from the GP today. During the consultation, Dr X focused more on patient social history. Based on this case, I discover the importance of taking social history which includes patient lifestyle as well as patient occupation. Patient social history can somehow help the GP to find other underlying causes when making diagnosis about the patient??™s health problem. In the case of this lady, Dr X suspected that she is having occupational liver damage due to nickel intolerance. Her case is quite interesting because her health condition is somehow related to her previous occupation as a dental nurse as well as her lifestyle as a former Miss Brighton. As a dental nurse in the past, she had being exposed much to nickel appliances used in dental practice which can also become a possible underlying cause to her current health problem. From this experience, I discover that GP should be aware of the patient??™s general appearance as well as their lifestyle because this information can sometimes help them to make further diagnosis on their patient problem. Based on my observation on the lady??™s general appearance, she looks quite glamourous, wearing makeup as well as jewellery. Based on my reading, I discover that nickel is widely used in cosmetic product as well as jewellery. This somehow makes me understand about her condition better.

Apart from that, I also noticed another interesting issue – I became aware that patient with some medical knowledge can be good or bad to deal with, depending on the doctor??™s attitude, and theirs. Based on my general observation, I found that the lady has very good knowledge about her own problem. When I had the opportunity to talk alone with her, I observed that she sometimes looks quite impatient and tend to blame the doctor because she thinks the doctor is working quite slowly. She said that in the past she needed to do everything by herself ??“ she claimed that she had to do her own research, contact other people with similar health problem and gathering as much as information so that she can convince the registrar to remove the sterilization clip . I have a feeling that she is pushing the GP too much. This sometimes makes the GP feel quite uncomfortable especially when she is starting to become quite aggressive and demanding. As a medical student, I put no blame on both parties, the GP and the patient. I think I should understand that the patient is actually worried about her health problem and she always wants the best for herself. From the GP point of view, I do understand that with such limited time and considering her commitment to other patient as well, she has tried her best to satisfy and fulfil her patient??™s agenda with the limited resources she had. Even though I think it??™s quite annoying when patient press on the doctor too much, however, she managed to show her professional attitude by preparing to listen to her patient. From this incident, I did learn that as a doctor, we should listen to our patient to show our respect rather than derision. I appreciate that it is quite challenging for a doctor to have a consultation with a knowledgeable patient because normally this type of patient will have a high expectation as well as high demand from the doctor. However from the positive side, this sort of knowledgeable patient can be a pleasure to work with because they often save GPs time and effort, help the GP in broadening their own knowledge and are generally appreciative of GPs input. From my personal observation, I found that the lady played an active role during the consultation. She is taking her own initiative by asking the GP about further tests that she should take for her liver problem. She is having knowledge about her own problem, thus this helps her to understand the information given by the GP. When GP is giving her input, she seems very determined and interested to know further about it.
Comparing my experience in my country where patient knowledge are quite low, I realised that having knowledgeable patient is good because they are concerned and are aware of their health problem, and willing to take their own initiative to improve their health state. This explains more about the concept of doctor patient partnership where doctor??™s role is to guide and suggest the best available treatment option rather than deciding everything for their patient. Personally, I think that in the future, patients??™ level of knowledge will keep improving, making my career more challenging but at the same time, this will motivate me to work harder to consistently update my knowledge in medicine as well as my clinical skills. In a nutshell, I personally found that GP visits are very useful in assisting me with patient consultation. I realized that in the real world GP consultation are not as perfect as what I had learned during my theoretical class. It is more challenging and requires our wisdom to make sure the consultation is able to fulfill both patient and doctor agenda.

How Does Divorce Really Affect Children

How Does Divorce Really Affect Children

Divorce rates have risen in recent years. Right now 50% of American marriages end in divorce. While the causes are varied, the effects on children can all be categorized into four major groups including stress, maladjustment, long-term psychological and behavioral problems, and relocation with a stepparent and step siblings.

Divorce is pretty much always stressful for children. Most children don??™t want their parents to get divorced unless the marriage is a bad experience for them due to conflict and strife between parents. That is probably the only time when divorce is a positive occurrence for children. Most children also have a difficult time dealing with the transition of the divorce (Emery).

Some children are at a higher risk of maladjustment due to their parents??™ divorce than others due to certain factors. Two of those factors are their perception of the divorce and their history of coping with stress. An example of one of those risks is gender. Divorce is harder on boys because the mother usually gets custody and there is no longer a male role model in the home, which can make it harder for them to adjust. Another example is age. Younger children are at a higher risk of short-term effects and adolescents are more at risk of long-term effects. Social status is an additional risk because some children??™s needs might not get met anymore when one parent moves out taking their full income with them. The degree of the child??™s involvement in the marital problems is again an example of a high risk factor. This situation can cause more anger, frustration, problems with parents, and loyalty problems with parents. Yet another example of a high risk factor is the child??™s relationship with their parents prior to the divorce. If there was a problem between children and parents before the divorce, they may become worse after the divorce. If their relationship was good, then problems after the divorce are not as bad. Some other examples are the parents not being able to separate their roles as parent and spouse which causes them to not be agreeable about making decisions about their child??™s welfare, continued conflict between divorcing parents and the larger the conflict the bigger the risk for children to have stress, and the child??™s perceived loss of the parent who does not have custody. Care must be provided by both parents to strengthen the relationship between the parent not in custody and the child. If not, the child may experience feelings of loss and possible abandonment (Matthews, 2).

All of the above risks show there can be short-term and long-term effects on children of divorce. These effects can have a remarkable and life-altering impact on a child??™s well-being. The consequences of divorce affect almost all areas of a child??™s life. This could include the parent-child relationship as stated above, their behavior, emotions, coping skills, and their psychological development. Children of divorce are likely to have more problems than children from intact families while growing up such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, bad behavior, dangerous behavior that includes early and careless loss of virginity possibly causing STDs and teen pregnancy. Children of divorce are more likely to drop out of school as well. Children of divorce also feel anxiety that they may repeat their parents??™ mistakes leading to failed love or marital relationships (Eleoff).

Children of divorce can also go on to have problems with their parents??™ remarriages and dealing with a stepfamily. The challenges started by step situations can be hard to get through. The child may like the new spouse but then feel guilty he/she is possibly betraying one of his/her biological parents because of these feelings. A lot of behavior problems can start because of this. Also, problems start when the child does not like the new stepparent and then when that stepparent has to discipline the child, he/she might say, ???You??™re not my mom/dad! You can??™t tell me what to do!??? This can then sometimes cause the biological parent to take up for their child and then possibly alienate their new spouse as a result, or to take the side of the new spouse and further upset their child. It appears to be a domino effect. Also, the new partner may be mean to the child, especially if they are into alcohol and/or drugs causing stress and trauma for the child, which is never good. If there are step siblings involved, a lot of times they will not get along and that causes stress for the child and the whole stepfamily. It is very difficult for children of divorce to deal with living in a stepfamily situation (Lofquist).

How does divorce really affect children Being a child of divorce, the best personal answer I have for that question is that children are absolutely torn apart by divorce. It definitely has a negative effect on children, and they will always carry around with them the feelings of being from a broken family forever.Works Cited
Eleoff, Sara. ???An Exploration of the Ramifications of Divorce on Children and Adolescents.??? The Child Advocate. (Nov. 2003): n. pag. Web. 30 March 2011.Emery, Robert. ???How Divorce Affects Children.??? The Truth About Children and Divorce. (2006): n. pag. Web. 30 March 2011.Lofquist, Amy. ???The Effects of Remarriage on Children.??? National Stepfamily Resource Center. (1993): n. pag. Web. 30 March 2011
Matthews, D. Wayne. ???Long-Term Effects of Divorce on Children.??? North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. (Aug. 1998): 2. Web. 30 March 2011.

Consume or Not to Consume

Consume or not To Consume
Why some people should not have credit cards.
Danneel V. Mitchell
??? America??™s credit card debt has reached close to $900 billion dollars and has increased at an
Average annual rate of almost nine percent over the past ten years??? Assistant Professor of Economics
and Finance, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ 07764-1898 Journal of Economic Issues (Association for Evolutionary Economics); Jun2007, Vol. 41 Issue 2, p567-574, 8p
With these staggering numbers and very little relief in sight, this would be the time to say,
Some people do not need credit cards.
This has become a serious problem for Americans. The average family has on average six to eight credit
cards in a household. Having this much credit can be a bit overwhelming, especially for someone who is
not mentally and financially ready for such a huge responsibility. Depending on your salary and credit
score, the interest on a card could be anywhere from six to24%. A reason most consumers get into debt
is that they are trying to keep up with friends and neighbors and possibly to impress others. What is meant by this is that, when someone you know has purchased a 42 in. screen television and you in turn
decide to purchase one, maybe larger. In most cases, you are not thinking of the cost and the interest
you will pay for the purchase. At this time you are aware that you are purchasing more than you can
afford. It is the American dream to own a home, a nice car and all the comforts of having a comfortable
life, but at what cost ???Only in New York would $70 for a haircut be considered a bargain??? (excerpt from
Save Karyn One Shopaholics Journey to Debt and Back 2007) some people should not have credit cards!
Now, one would think that this is a ludicrous amount to pay and some would not. If you are part of the
latter, then I am talking to you. Credit cards give some consumers the false notion that they can buy and
afford anything and not worry about the price. It is a rude awakening when the statements began to
come in, and not to mention the extra money you are going to pay if are only paying the minimum. If
you are spending more than you make you should not only stop using the card, you should destroy it
and bury it. Credit card holders are seeking credit counseling, consolidation loans and filing bankruptcy
at astronomical rates. Before you think that this is a war against owning a credit card, it is not. Credit can
be very beneficial. It helps you build credit and you can purchase large ticket items with the knowing
that you can pay it off in a reasonable amount of time. Whether you know it or not, a purchasing
history tells a lot about what type of consumer you are. A card holder between the ages of 19- 28
accumulates over $20,000.00 dollar worth of debt yearly. This does not include student loans.
With this type of irresponsibility and careless spending can result in poor credit ratings,
Becoming overwhelmed, stressed and eventually bankrupt if the situation is taken under control.
College is expected to cost money and unexpected expenses. Students are given cards by their parents
For emergencies and unforeseen extra charges like, books , lab fees, gas, and food.
Without being educated in the importance of responsible spending, a substantial amount of debt will
become a subject a student will surely fail. I am not saying that everyone should be banned from credit
cards. This idea is just simply unrealistic. There are consumers who understand the importance of
having a credit card and display responsible spending habits. They make sound purchases knowing
that they can afford to pay off the debt in a reasonable amount of time. A responsible consumer
knows when they can or cannot make certain purchases. After my first year of college, I got an
influx of credit card offers. I was on top of the world. I figured I could get all the little extras I needed for
school and not have to bug my parents about sending cash when needed. Well a year and a half later I
was in so much debt that I had to drop out of college in order to pay the debt off. With all of the
consuming credit debt, I forgot that I was still responsible for the student loans I had taken out.
Education was not a factor in this case. My parents explained and educated. I, as an individual was just
not ready to have that sort of responsibility. It shows maturity when you have accepted the truth about
money, credit and saving. You must realize that you cannot spend more than you make. Making a plan
or budget for your incoming and outgoing finances. In this way you will know without a doubt what
you can afford without putting yourself in a financial bind. In my spiral of spending happiness, it did not
occur to me that my spending , late payment and eventually non payments would affect my credit
ratings and credibility. It was long time before I was able to repair my credit and as a lesson
learned, my parents did not help me pay off the debt. In conclusion, it is an honor and a privledge to
acquire credit. Having credit just doesn??™t give you the ability to purchase nice items, it also tell the world
about who you are.

How Does F Scott Fitzgerald Tell the Story in Chapter 6 of the Great Gatsby

How does F Scott Fitzgerald tell the story in Chapter 6 of The Great GatsbyIn chapter 6 of the novel, F Scott Fitzgerald tells the story in a variety of ways, notably through his use of the characterisation of Gatsby, the setting of the party and writing from Nick??™ perspective. There is also more evidence of the themes in Gatsby being displayed in this chapter.
Gatsby characterised much more strongly in this chapter. As we learn the influence Dan Cody had over the young Gatsby, it becomes more obvious that this is where Gatsby learned to respect and covert wealth similar to Mr Cody??™s. Fitzgerald writes ???To young Gatz, resting on his oars and looking up at the railed deck, that yacht represented all the beauty and glamour in the world.??? This evocative image, of a teenage boy gazing up the evidence of extreme wealth, Cody??™s enormous yacht, and believing it to be the epitome of all that is enviable, helps define the materialistic nature of Gatsby. Gatsby??™s materialism is a key aspect of the novel, as it is a contributing factor to his death, as his car was unique and therefore easily recognisable by Wilson, whom takes it upon himself to avenge Myrtle. Thus, Gatsby??™s materialism from a young age helps exemplify his character. Furthermore, Gatsby is characterised by what he says, as for his short pieces of dialogue, the perspective changes. Gatsby is particularly characterised when Nick suggests that one ???can??™t repeat the past??? and Gatsby responds with an emphatic ???Why of course you can!??? Gatsby??™s delusionary nature allows him to truly believe he can repeat the past and win back what he lost with Daisy. This self-delusion is a key aspect of Gatsby??™s nature, and it helps set the actions in the next chapter into motion as Gatsby has convinced himself that Daisy will admit that ???I never loved you??? to Tom.
Themes are also massively important in the chapter, particularly the recurring theme of the colour green and the underlying class issue. Primarily, the colour green comes into the chapter as the shade of the ???torn green jersey??? that Gatsby wears when he becomes Jay Gatsby.

Consumer Behavior – Motorcycle

Name: Kapil Khatri Mobile No: +91-9989518456Enrollment No: 08BSHYD0333 Email ID: [email protected] Proposal
Project Proposed – Consumer behavior in automobile industry – Motorcycles Description of the Project ??“
Global demand for motorcycles is expected to advance to 6% annually to 59 million units by 2011 and in that, Asia and other major developing countries will be the biggest contributors. In fact India has seen a drastic change in the two wheeler segment after liberalization, as before 1991 scooter segment was the market leader, and very limited companies in the Indian market, which led to limited option for the consumers and also the purchasing power of Indian citizens was less but over the time with increase in the purchasing power of people and changes in social, cultural and others factors, people now have moved to motorcycle, which led to the increase of its market share to 80%1 in the two wheeler segment. Currently this segment is dynamic and lots of changes are expected to meet the demand of consumer. This project focuses on the current needs of the consumers, and what factors they consider before purchasing a motorcycle e.g. (Power, Acceleration, Style, Mileage, Price, Re-Sale value, finance etc). This will be helpful for the companies to design their product and services accordingly. It also focuses on characteristics of the customer e.g. (age, occupation, Income, region etc.), which will be helpful for the companies in targeting the segment.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 
1? ?  Objective of the Project ??? ??? ??? Key motivating factors for the customers to purchase the motorcycle. Attributes in the motorcycle that customer looks for. Characteristics of the customer who can be the prospective customers of motorcycle manufacturersMethodology: Qualitative Research ??“ Focus group discussion will be conducted in the IBS campus for the getting the attributes of the motorcycle, which is desired by the youth (20-30 yrs age group). Further unstructured interview will be conducted for the age group 30-40 and above, to get their requirements also. Questionnaire Design ??“ Based on the attributes that we will get from FGD and unstructured interview, questionnaire will be designed, which will use likert and other scales. Sample Selection ??“ Type of Sampling ??“ Convenience sampling will be used which will cover all the age group, owners of motorcycle, and others who intend to buy in the future. Sample Size ??“ Sample size of 100 has been selected. Data Collection ??“ Primary – Data will be collected from the IBS students and through the questionnaire floated on the E-Mail Secondary ??“ Data will be collected from magazines, journals, websites etc. Quantitative Research Methods ??“ ??? Factor analysis will be used to get the factors that most important to the customer while buying a motorcycle. ??? Conjoint Analysis will be used Schedule: Qualitative Research ??“ 15th Nov ??“ 30th Nov 09 Questionnaire Design ??“ 1st Dec 09 Primary Market Research ??“ 5th Dec 09 ??“ 30th Dec 09 Data Analysis ??“ 5th Jan 10 ??“ 25th Jan 09 Draft Final Report ??“ 30th Jan 10 Final Report Submission ??“ 12th March 10 Limitations of the study: ??? ??? Data collection is the major constraint, we confining to students of IBS and other people through e-mail. Sample size of 100 is small, which may affect the accuracy of the findingsReferences: ??? ??? ??? ??? Naresh K. Malhotra, 2008. Marketing Research. New Delhi: Pearson Prentice Hall AAKER A David, 2007. Marketing Research. New Delhi: Wiley www.freedoniagroup.comFaculty Guide Name: Dr. Sunil BharadwajKapil KhatriDate : 03/8/09Signature of Student

How Does Fitzgerald Make Gatsby a Mysterious Character

Throughout the entire novel, Gatsby is portrayed by Fitzgerald as a very elusive and mysterious character. Whether this is through the lack of information given to us about his past, or the gossip which the reader and Nick are exposed to at his parties, or even his associations with the mafia boss Wolfsheim who ???fixed the World??™s Series back in 1919??™.
The predominant method through which Fitzgerald makes Gatsby a mysterious character is the way we rarely receive information about his younger years; however, when we do it is very disjointed from the text and it is difficult to understand the full story of Gatsby??™s life. And when it does in fact arrive the way Nick constantly analyses the preceding information suggests to the reader that the information given to us must be taken with a pinch of salt. For example, Gatsby tells Nick in chapter six that he was ???educated in Oxford??™, however, straight after this claim Nick writes how he ???knew why Jordan Baker had believed he was lying??™. Nick also tells us the reason he had come into a ???good deal of money??™ was because his ???family all died??™. In the next sentence Nick describes how for a moment he believed ???he was pulling my leg??™. Then Gatsby boasts of all his experiences in Europe where he lived like a ???young rajah??™ who enjoyed ???collecting jewels??™ and ???painting a little??™. This seems improbable and Nick evens tells the reader how he ???with an effort managed to restrain his laughter??™. This emphasises the mystery of Gatsby as although Nick was told this face-to-face, the manner of Gatsby makes Nick cautious to believe him. Furthermore, this mystery of Gatsby is shown at his parties at his extravagant ???Hotel de Ville??™ as the guests enjoy ???gossiping??™ about their host, Gatsby. This attitude of disrespect was indicative of the Jazz Age as a result of the emergence of the flappers, who enjoyed behaving in unconventional ways and dressing unlike their relatives who had grown up in the Victorian era, and prohibition which resulted in the illegal activities of many. Although the gossip about Gatsby Nick tells us of is very improbable it adds to the mystery of Gatsby because of the number of contrasting rumours about such as him having ???killed a man??™ and was the ???nephew of Von Hindenburg??™ who had been the head of the submarine operations which had led to the Americans entering the war.
In addition to the mystery created by the lack of information, Fitzgerald furthers the sense of mystery surrounding jay Gatsby through the attitude of Nick towards him. The most important example of this is in chapter one in which Nick describes Gatsby as ???everything for which I have an unaffected scorn??™. As this is the first thing we hear from Nick about Gatsby, we expect, as the reader, to be confronted by a very negative image of Gatsby. However, the change of attitude towards Gatsby from Nick from scorn to praise (there was ???something gorgeous about him??™), creates doubt in the mind of the reader as to what to think of Gatsby??™s character as he is always being evaluated and re-evaluated by Nick throughout the novel; thus the reader is unable to reach a judgment of Gatsby??™s character.

Consumer Behavior Nokia

Under the Supervisor:Mr. Amit Gupta
(ERP consultant)C-DAC Noida Presented by: Chandan Parsad
MBA (SEM) To study the satisfaction level of consumers towards the NOKIA Mobile. ?This study focus on the Product attributes like Features, Appearances, Battery backup, Audio output and Software compatibility of Mobile. study help the NOKIA to recognize the factor which have more satisfaction level and which factor have more dissatisfaction level.? This Methodology
?Primary source of data were utilized for study.Sampling Design
???For the purpose of the study, the data has been collected in different places of market especially in Retail shops, metro station & Shopping mall. ???100 customers were randomly selected for study 1. 2.Percentages., Chi- square analysis ? Nokiais the world leader in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries. ? Nokia make a wide range of mobile devices with services and software that enable people to experience music, navigation, video, television, imaging, game, business mobility and more. Handset Market Share ? Nokia: 59.5% ? Nokia have 300 millions Bollywood Songs data base. ? Ho:There is no significant difference between sex of the respondents and their satisfaction with feature of Nokia phone
Chi test value Cal value 20.78 DF 2 Table value 5.99Result : Reject this null hypothesis because cal value is grater than table value sexfeatures ? Ho:There is no significant difference between sex of the respondents and their satisfaction with appearances of Nokia phone
Chi test Value Cal Value 23.06 Table value D F 5.99 2? Result: Reject this null hypothesis because cal value is grater than table value sexAppearanc es ?Ho: There is no significant difference between age of the respondents and their satisfaction with battery backup of Nokia phone
Chi test Value Cal Value 15.14 Table value 5.99 DF 2? Result: Reject this null hypothesis because cal value is grater than table value batter yage ? Ho:There is no significant difference between age of the respondents and their satisfaction with appearances of Nokia phone
Chi test Value Cal Value 133.9 Table value 9.48 DF 4? Result: Reject this null hypothesis because cal value is grater than table value Appearancesage 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 High satisfield Satisfield Neither satisfield or disssatisfield Dissatisfield Highly dissatisfield Series1Que 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 High satisfield Satisfield Neither satisfield or disssatisfield Dissatisfield Highly dissatisfield Series1 Classification based on satisfactory level
Attributes Featur Battery es Backup Software AudioAccessoriAppeara Built compatibi output es nce In lity memoryHigh satisfied23%40%37%26%24%28%21%Satisfied58%40%48%54%56%52%55%Not satisfied19%20%15%20%20%20%24% ?Audio Output:- In the above analysis, 26% of respondents are highly satisfied with the audio output, 54% of the respondent are satisfied, and 20% of respondents are not satisfied with this attribute. Camera/video:- In the above analysis, 28% of the respondent gave their opinion as highly satisfied with the features of the software compatiblity,52% of the respondents gave their opinion as satisfied,20% of the respondents were not satisfied. Software Capability:- In the above analysis, 37% of the respondent gave their opinion as highly satisfied with the features of the software compatiblity,48% of the respondents gave their opinion as satisfied,15% of the respondents were not satisfied.?? ?Built in memory:- In the above analysis, 21% of the respondent gave their opinion as highly satisfied with the features of the built in memory,55% of the respondents gave their opinion as satisfied,24% of the respondents were not satisfied. Accessories:-In the above analysis, 24% of the respondent gave their opinion as highly satisfied with the features of the accesories,56% of the respondents gave their opinion as satisfied,20% of the respondents were not satisfied. From the survey undertaken 36% are highly satisfied with its brand image???? ??Appearance:- In the above analysis, 28% of the respondent gave their opinion as highly satisfied with the appearance,52% of the respondents gave their opinion as satisfied,20% of the respondents were not satisfied. Battery backup:- In the above analysis, 40% of the
respondent gave their opinion as highly satisfied with the battery,40% of the respondents gave their opinion as satisfied,20% of the respondents were not satisfied. Services provided by service center :- In the above analysis, 21% of the respondent gave their opinion as highly satisfied with the services,52% of the respondents gave their opinion as satisfied,27% of the respondents were not satisfied.? ???Most of the respondents were satisfied with the price, company image and Battery backup of Nokia. So it is suggested that the same standard is to the maintained. Factors like after service, audio output, software compatibility and special features are admired the respondents, hence this features has to be continued. Regarding built in memory and brand image, a few of the respondents expressed their dissatisfaction. so this factor has to be improved with a view to attract more customers and to retain the existing customers. ?The important product attributes of any Mobile like price and company image have received favorable appreciation from the respondents. Product attributes like battery backup, appearances, software compatibility and audio output have also been appreciated. It is certified that the consumer behavior concept is an unpredictable one in any kind of market But this study has attempted its best to reveal the same. 24