How Do Advertisers Appeal to Their Target Audience

How do advertisers appeal to their target audienceMany companies use advertising to promote their products and to make them known to a wider range of customers. Advertising is also used to persuade potential customers to buy a companies products over rival ones. Advertising is an effective way for companies to get people to recognise their products. There are several ways in which companies aim to advertise and one of these ways is through television advertisement. This is a very influential way for the advertising companies to showcase their products by using video clips to show what how they work and voiceovers to persuade the viewers to buy the product. Slogans are also used in many advertising campaigns to make certain products stick in peoples minds. For example, the rhyming slogan in the Mars bar adverts; “Pleasure without measure” is catchy and easy for people to remember. Television adverts also have the ability to use different camera angles and shots to accentuate the product and show the viewer why they should buy it over other brands. Jingles and popular music are often used in television and radio advertisements. These help people to remember the advert and hopefully encourage them to buy the product. Television has a vast audience which makes it a very effective form of advertising.Other ways companies advertise is through radio broadcasting. Slogans, jingles, popular music and sound effects are used to make people remember the product. Because many people listen to the radio this is also a good way to advertise. Business cards and posters are also effective forms of advertisement. Business cards are easy to distribute and are small and handy. They usually have the product or company logo printed on them and any slogans they might have, along with addresses and telephone numbers. However, because they are so small they can be easily lost. Posters are also effective forms of advertisement that can be seen in many different places so a wide range of potential customers are made aware of the product. They are made to be eye catching and use pictures of the product along with slogans and logos. Posters appear in a variety of places such as magazines and blown up to be put on billboards. This makes them a very effective form of advertising. Advertising companies use many different devices and techniques to advertise products. For instance, puns and word play are used. This is when a word or phrase has a double meaning. Also emotive language that aims to make the viewer react in a certain way. Sometimes facts are incorporated which proves that the product is of high quality making people more likely to buy it. Other things like camera angles, unique selling points and repetition are also effective devices for advertisements.The two television advertisements that will be explored in this essay are the contrasting perfume commercials; Christian Dior-Pure Poison and Estella Warren-Chanel No.5. Both advertisements are effective in the way they try to engage the viewers and try to influence them to buy the products and they are also similar as they advertise the same genre of product.
However they are presented using different techniques and devices, such as sex appeal, soundtracks and unique selling points. Both advertisements use different camera shots and ways of lighting to achieve different effects on the viewers because they have different target audiences. The adverts also contrast as they are set at different paces, the Pure Poison being very fast paced and the Chanel No.5 is much more calm and slower.The advertisement for the Christian Dior-Pure Poison perfume aims to appeal to a younger audience as the unique selling point of the advertisement is that it is very seductive and wild. The advert uses glamour and sex appeal by using a beautiful model in dark revealing clothing and make up. The advert begins with a close up camera shot of a panther like beast growling menacingly towards the camera. The only light that can be seen is the glint of light on the beasts fur and teeth. Then it cuts to a medium shot of the model in a darkly lit room and the only light that can be seen is reflections on shiny surfaces and mirrors. The model holds on to a hand rail against a wall and throws her head back moving her body seductively. There is primitive tribal drum music played throughout which gives the advertisement a very dangerous fast paced atmosphere. The model moves around as if being attacked by something but this is done so in a seductive way. It then cuts to a close up shot of the model sliding down the wall in the same provocative way as before. The shot cuts to the previous one very fast and transition of the shots is as if it is the vision of a frenzied beast on the hunt. The camera is shaky and fast moving. The advertisement then cuts to a medium shot of the beast rushing underneath the model and through her legs as if tormenting her, then cuts to a close up of the model and she lets out a groan like a distressed animal and rips the beads from her neck. The camera then cuts to a medium shot of the girl??™s legs as the beads fall to the floor around her. Then there is a wide-shot of the girl sliding down the wall once again then she crawls along the ground like a wild cat. There is a head-on close up of the model crawling towards across the floor and there is a squeaky sound effect as she drags herself across the floor. Then there is a long shot of the product on a table against a very dark background. The perfume bottle is a very pale colour so it stands out against the darkness. In this same shot, the camera zooms into the bottle but not all the way. The camera angle and how it is handled is as if the perfume bottle is the vision of a predator. As the camera zooms in on the bottle, there is a strange ringing sound effect over the music but when the shot changes to a close up of the model crawling towards the bottle, the ringing echo is replaced with the models heavy breathing and her face depicts an animal??™s instinct of survival. The next shot is a close up of the bottle as the camera zooms in and the ringing can be heard again then it changes quickly to a close up of the beast moving towards the camera snarling chasing after the girl. Then there is a very close up shot of the girl gasping and the shot quickly changes to a close up of the product and then the models hand can be seen grabbing the bottle. As she does this, the ringing stops. There is a medium shot of the girl on the floor holding the bottle and bringing it closer to her face and caresses it with her lips. There is then a close up of her face which is feral and dangerous. The camera moves sharply as the girl turns her head towards the beast and she hisses at it making it run away in a medium shot. The Model is then seen in a slower paced wide angle shot as she sits back on a sofa in a seductive position.
Her movements and facial expression are animal like and she sits growling alluringly at the camera as it zooms in. A female voice over can be heard as the shot changes to the final one of the pale perfume bottle against a dark background making it very clear and eye catching. The voice is seductive and as part of the unique selling point, she changes the word “fragrance” to “seduction”.
Throughout the advertisement, there is a lot of sex appeal from the clothing, to the lighting, to the movements and facial expressions of the model. The way the camera zooms into the product as if it were a predator hunting its prey makes the perfume seem like an object of desire and this appeals to potential customers. The commercial is very fast paced with a lot of fast transitions and camera angles that are shaky. The sound effects used emphasise the movement of the visual like the animal sounds added to the wild theme of the advertisement. The model is beautiful and glamorous to endorse the product and give the advert an exciting quality that suggests that the product can enhance a persons lifestyle. This advert is aimed at younger women, about 16 to 25 as it incorporates a lot of provocative qualities and younger people are more likely to be persuaded by it.The advertisement for the Estella warren-Chanel No.5 perfume is aimed at a wide range of customers as it would appeal to both younger and older viewers. However, an older audience might be more attracted to the product as it is presented in a classy way. The advertisement has a fairytale theme to it features a wolf and the model is dressed like Little Red Riding Hood. This would appeal to older viewers as they would want the perfume to make them feel younger. The commercial starts with a high angle shot is of the model walking down a hall towards a door clearly marked with the perfumes number “5” logo. The model is made to look modest and innocent in a red dress and cape, holding a basket. The girl is blonde and this highlights the innocence she is supposed to be portraying. Innocent, cheerful music is played using bells and a female choir. Bright and warm colours are featured such as red and gold. Gold is featured a lot in the advertisement and this suggests wealth and class, the perfume bottle itself is gold. The unique selling point of the product is that it is set in Paris and it has a fairytale theme to it. The next shot is a close up of the door opening and the “5” logo is shown again. A medium shot from behind shows the girl stepping through the door, setting down the basket and walking curiously through a completely golden room towards the camera. The model uses innocent arm gestures as she walks and elegantly shows sex appeal. There is then a close up of a wall of the bottles of perfume with the logo marked on the front of them. The girls hand is seen reaching out to take one of the bottles and then the shot changes to a view from behind the bottles and the model can be seen through the gap where the bottle she took was. The model looks at the bottle in awe and then it cuts to a close up shot of a large No.5 logo on a wall once again. Then a silhouette of a wolfs head comes around the corner. The camera then cuts back to a close up of the model as she is dabbing the perfume gracefully onto her neck. The shot then changes to a medium shot of the model swinging her cape around her shoulders as she turns to the door then there is a quick high angle shot of the girl opening the doors she came through at the beginning of the advertisement. Then there is a wide angle shot of the model opening the doors further to reveal the Eiffel tower in a snowy setting. The camera then cuts to a medium shot of the silhouetted wolf moving closer to the camera with the large No.5 still visible in the background. The girl then turns and points as if to chastise the wolf in a medium shot and the wolf, which is standing on a very large No.5 logo with the one on the wall behind still visible, stops in its tracks. There is then a close up of the girl who put a finger to her lips and audibly makes a sshh sound and the wolf sits down obediently. The model smiles and puts her hood up as she turns to go through the doors and walks towards the Eiffel tower in a medium shot. The camera then cuts to a wide angled shot of the wolf howling as the doors close then the camera zooms out quickly from a high angled shot of the wolf sitting in the middle of the huge No.5 on the floor. As the camera zooms out, the No.5 becomes the one on the perfume bottle. There is a close up of the bottle which is gold with a white label and writing and the background it is also white making it very effective and eye catching. The voice over is a French woman which highlights the setting of the advertisement. The fact that the unique selling point is that the perfume is French and that the advertisement features Paris, the perfume suggests to the audience that it is classy and also the gold that is featured throughout the advertisement suggests wealth and beauty. Paris gives the image of excitement, romance and beauty so this would appeal to an older audience. By showing the products logo it makes the audience familiar with it and helps them remember it.
The advert uses glamour, sex appeal and a beautiful model to make the audience believe that the product could give them what they see in the advertisement. Both advertisements featured creatures which could represent men. In the first advertisement the product has the power to control and defend from the beast presenting the message that the customer will be in control of things if they buy the perfume. Whereas in the second advertisement the animal was charmed by the model suggesting that by buying the product the customer will be able to beguile men.To conclude, there are many ways in which companies achieve success in advertising their products using a variety of mediums and techniques. Different devices such as lighting and camera angles can be adjusted to appeal to the target audience. Storylines and the actors and models featured in the advertisements also make a large contribution to the success of the advertisement. By having a theme and unique selling point, the companies are able to create the right atmosphere and emphasise the right things to appeal to the target audience. The two advertisements explored in this essay are successful in appealing to their target audiences.Chelsea Cleveland-Hurley

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