Construct and Support Argument

Construct and Support Argument-MBA Decision
Michelle L. Jackson
University of Phoenix
Lester Reams JD, DPA
July 25, 2010Construct and Support Argument-MBA Decision
Communication is a vital component in your professional and personal lives. People have various means to communicate to one another. Communication begins with one person as the sender and the other person is the receiver. ?  In order for communication to properly begin, a purpose, expressed as a message conveyed is needed. ?  It passes between a sender and a receiver (Robbins, Judge, 2007, p. 369). Insight and understanding how the audience perceives it, is information that can help us to create our message in a way that will be easily understood by the audience.
In this paper I will discuss how the decision to pursue an MBA degree was made and what the results of the Jungian Personality self-assessment indicated.
?  ?  ?  May 19th of 2010 I completed my degree in BSB/M. As an employee of University of Phoenix I counsel many students to help them determine what plans his or her degree can help in current or future jobs, and if pursuing an MBA is an option. I know found myself faced with the same challenge. I had been going strong without any extended breaks in my undergrad program and was a little tired of being a student. However, I knew if I wished to maintain a competitive edge in the job market an MBA was a must! To move to the next level in my organization or any organization securing an MBA would allow me flexibility and negotiating power for salary.
As I began to develop a career plan, personal growth assessment, and goals I decided to avoid a lengthy break but resume going to school. Time was not on my side, as a middle-age, African American woman acquiring an MBA could provide me the opportunity to secure a position that would provide me with the financial freedom in our hostile economy. I have the experience in counseling students, the drive, and knowledge for a managerial position. Obtaining a MBA can sharpen my managerial skills and provide additional critical thinking skills that are needed to be successful in a leadership role. ???The MBA can assist a person in acquiring an array of management tools and in learning theories that will lead to effective management. It will also give a broad exposure to the business world in the terms of job functions and industries. And often, if the program is chosen well, the MBA will open many doors in the business world, since companies often use the MBA to screen top candidates for their best and most demanding management careers??? (Levy, 2010, Pursuing an MBA, para 1). ? 
Jungian Self-Assessment
Personality tests is a tool that is sometimes used by employers to provide additional information on an individual??™s behavior, style of learning or communicating. Personality tests should not be used as the determining factor because people can develop new skills, adjust to an environment that was foreign initially causing a poor results when the personality test was given. It is this reason that personality tests provide a snap shot and has no relevance to the future of the individual. According to one author ???In this respect, personality assessments capture only a fragment of the whole, and will not be accurate over a period of time. For some highly skilled and technical professions, an applicants training and experience may have a greater impact on job performance than personality, and so although an applicant may not appear to be suitable, he or she may be more so than a candidate with apparently appropriate characteristics???(Construct and Support, 2008).
The Jungian personality self-assessment is a tool that can be used for an individual to identify with his or herself. The assessment provides insight to 16 various personality types. The objective of the personality self-assessment is to evaluate individuals??™ critical thinking style, ways that an individual handles data that is received and how an individual may interact in group setting. This is useful for potential managers. Upon completion of the personality test, my personality type was determined as a type A-. I scored 111. The results were accurate to how I was feeling at the moment I was answering the questions. I am a multi-task at work and home. I tend to take on various projects, I eat fast, but I walk at a nice pace. I enjoy working in team depending on the task. Type A??™s tend to interrupt others often because of their impatience, which I catch myself often doing. I disagree with being obsessed with numbers and measurements. The test ???How Well Do You Handle Ambiguity??? I scored 30. The range of 19-35 is typical of most individual. I can see this as being a very valuable to considering hiring someone. Today??™s workforce requires a person to be flexible and tolerance of change. I worked many years in the airlines industry which is known for continuous changes in policies and procedures. I believe working in this environment allowed me to develop a high tolerance for ambiguity. If your results fell below the norm, use this information to seek career options that are more suited towards your personality trait.
Many people wonder what the importance of earning a degree is; continuing his or her education to pursue a higher degree worth the time and money. The reason may vary from person to person, however when I made the decision to continue my education I took several factors into consideration. I thought about retirement, job satisfaction, and how long it would take to get me there. I believe earning an MBA will assist me in reaching those goals, and be positive role model to my family, friends, and children. Earning an MBA is not an easy task and I welcome the challenge. I am excited to learn more skills, gain knowledge in the business world, and expand my possibility of careers.
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